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Gary Ceres


                                For City Council
No More Raiding Electric Fund
Investigate Nepotism
Clean-Up Trashed Properties
Crack Down on Crime
Support Small Businesses
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Ceres for Washington NC City Council

Clean Washington Act Ordinance

Please note that a definitions section, exceptions section and increased enforcement section will be added soon.

Clean Washington City-Wide Ordinance

Whereas, Washington residents of all socioeconomic status deserve to live in a clean, safe environment that is free of trash;

And Whereas, excess trash to private properties drives down property values for neighboring dwellings and businesses;

And Whereas, the City of Washington is seeking to expand its appeal to tourists and newcomers;

Be it Hereby Resolved that the City of Washington will enact the Clean Washington City-Wide Ordinance as follows:

Section I:
All dwellings and businesses shall be obligated to maintain the front and side of their properties visible from the street in a condition that does not include excessive trash and bulk garbage.
   A: Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in a letter either delivered in person or to the mailing address on file with the city to both the home or building owner as well as the tenant.
     a) Letter shall be dated on the date mailed and will inform of violation of this ordinance
      b) Letter shall provide 10 days from date mailed or personally delivered for the trash and bulk garbage to be removed from the front of sides of the home or building that is visible from the road or sidewalk.
   c) Letter shall inform of penalties to be assessed by the City of Washington on the property owner if there is failure to comply within the 10 day period of the mailing or delivery in person of the letter.

Section II.

  A) Failure to comply with this ordinance will result in a fine of no less than $100 a day for non-compliance by the City of Washington and not to exceed $250 a day. Fine shall be assessed on property owner.
  B) The mayor shall have the authority by executive order to waive fines or extend the time allotted for trash removal if it is determined that a good faith effort is underway by the property owner to comply with this ordinance.
    a) The City Council shall retain the right to over-ride the mayor's executive order on a case-by-case basis with a simple majority of the quorum present.
    b) The mayor shall make public any executive order stating the waiver granted and an explanation of why such a waiver was issued.

Section II.

  A) A simple majority of the City of Washington City Council shall result in the enactment of this ordinance 2 weeks following to public notification through social media and other media of the passage and intended enforcement of this act.
  B) The City Council shall retain the right to further amend this ordinance to delegate enforcement to specific city officials and departments and to set forth procedures for penalty collection, property liens for failure to pay fine and other enforcement mechanisms deemed necessary.

Let the Sunshine In Proposals Anti-Nepotism City Ordinance

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An act to mandate public input session and open meetings for all city council meetings.
An ordinance to Maintain Clean Properties throughout the City of Washington
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  • Clean Up Trashed Properties
  • Transparency & Public Input in Local Government
  • Investigate Misappropriation of Funds
  • Our City is Suffering from a Brain Drain

Your city government neglects any area that is outside of the historic district or outside the personal bubbles in which city bureaucrats and elected officials operate.

It is high-time that city government operates on behalf of every citizen in the system and not just those with power and influence.

Electing me to the City Council sends a message that city government is for ALL citizens and not just the elite.

We have 22 city officials that make over $75,000 a year in salaries in addition to an average 38% benefits package.

The city greedily chose to give these individuals an additional 5% wage increase in this year's budget instead of using that money to give us a full complement of 12 EMTs which we desperately need.   Instead we will be receiving only 4 more, 8 in total.

When the median income in Washington is $37,200 this is obscene.

Our city is suffering from a brain drain.

Population has decreased from the 2010 census to the 2020 census as our young people go off to college to develop skills that they can't find jobs for here in the city.

It is time to enact tax incentives, decreased regulations and have proactive city officials that seek high-tech, high-paying firms to locate in the city to stem the flow of our young people out from the city. © Copyright 2024 All Rights Reserved
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