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Gary Ceres


                                For City Council
No More Raiding Electric Fund
Investigate Nepotism
Clean-Up Trashed Properties
Crack Down on Crime
Support Small Businesses
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Ceres for Washington NC City Council

City Council Public Input Policy Act of the City of Washington

An Act to Mandate a Public Input Session and Public Meetings for All City Council Business

Section 1:
This Act shall supersede any and all other policies set forth in the City Code or any other rules or procedures of the City Council of the City of Washington North Carolina.

Section 2:
Public Input

A)  Following the opening of a meeting by the Mayor, Acting Mayor or Mayor Pro-Tempore, and after the invocation or opening prayer and recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance; there shall be an open public input period for any citizen to speak on any issue they choose to in front of the City Council regardless of if it is on the agenda or not. The citizen shall have the right to speak for as long as 3 minutes at which time extension of comments can be made at the sole discretion of the chair of the Council whether that be the Mayor, Acting Mayor or Mayor Pro-Tempore but shall not exceed 10 minutes in length.

   B)  No citizen may be refused this period of commentary unless foul or obscene language is used and this shall not be up to the Mayor or any City Council member as to whether citizens can speak.
    1)   Foul Language shall not include language that members find objectable on political, religious, or personal grounds but shall include accepted cuss words, racial slurs and sexually explicit or sexually demeaning language.
    2)   Obscene Langauge shall be defined as language that would include gestures that substitute for cuss words or sexually explicit terminology.
   3)   Objections to continued public comment by an individual on the grounds of foul or obscene language shall be made by any council member and/or the Mayor and then seconded by the Mayor and/or a council member. There shall then be a vote among the council members on whether the language is foul and obscene. The Mayor may not participate in this vote except to break a tie of the council.

Section 3:
Open Meetings  

   A) Every Council Meeting to conduct business in the City of Washington shall be livestreamed and open to the public without exceptions unless outlined in Section 3B. The public shall have the unalienable right to attend and speak at each of these meetings regardless of subject matter, time or date. In the event of technical difficulties where a livestream of a meeting cannot occur the Council shall not be permitted to conduct business and the City Council shall decide on an alternate date for a meeting.

   B) Exceptions shall be made to public meetings only in the event of a vote to enter Executive Session by the City Council and only in instances permitted under North Carolina State Statute.

Section 4:
Agenda Items for Meetings

  Any member of the City Council, the Mayor or the City Manager has the ability to add any agenda item to the agenda if the Clerk is notified 2 business days prior to a scheduled meeting. No member may be denied putting an agenda item on the agenda.

Section 5:
Public Notification of Meetings

  No meeting of the City Council for any business whatsoever except as permitted by Executive Session shall occur without a 72-hour publication of a meeting that includes an agenda, though agenda items may be added in accordance with Section 4. Publication must take place in all of the following: posting of notification on City Hall entrances, publication on the City website, publication in two or more print and/or online media sources located within Beaufort County, North Carolina.

Section 7:
This act shall take effect immediately upon passage and shall effect the next City Council Meeting that occurs after passage.

Anti-Nepotism City Ordinance Proposals Ordinance to Instruct Washington Utilities to Permanently Repeal Storm Water Fees

Latest Proposals

An act to mandate public input session and open meetings for all city council meetings.
An ordinance to Maintain Clean Properties throughout the City of Washington
  • Unchallenged Good-Ole-Boy Network
  • Clean Up Trashed Properties
  • Transparency & Public Input in Local Government
  • Investigate Misappropriation of Funds
  • Our City is Suffering from a Brain Drain

Your city government neglects any area that is outside of the historic district or outside the personal bubbles in which city bureaucrats and elected officials operate.

It is high-time that city government operates on behalf of every citizen in the system and not just those with power and influence.

Electing me to the City Council sends a message that city government is for ALL citizens and not just the elite.

We have 22 city officials that make over $75,000 a year in salaries in addition to an average 38% benefits package.

The city greedily chose to give these individuals an additional 5% wage increase in this year's budget instead of using that money to give us a full complement of 12 EMTs which we desperately need.   Instead we will be receiving only 4 more, 8 in total.

When the median income in Washington is $37,200 this is obscene.

Our city is suffering from a brain drain.

Population has decreased from the 2010 census to the 2020 census as our young people go off to college to develop skills that they can't find jobs for here in the city.

It is time to enact tax incentives, decreased regulations and have proactive city officials that seek high-tech, high-paying firms to locate in the city to stem the flow of our young people out from the city. © Copyright 2024 All Rights Reserved
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