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Gary Ceres


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Ceres for Washington NC City Council

Young Lives Needs Help Raising Funds for Kids

    I cannot stress how impactful this organization's camp project is on Teens in helping steer them in the right direction, helping pregnant teen moms and providing great mentorship for young men.

    They were originally $13,000 short (cost to send each kid is $800 and more than 70 kids are on board so far) . Church of the Good Shepherd in Washington ponied up $3,000 so they need $10,000 more. Any amount helps but some of you in the area have the ability today to write large enough checks to change the lives of at least 70 kids! I challenge you to do so. Below is an explanation from Young Lives Area Director Gregory J Camacho.

Young Life Director Discusses Impact of Program on Teens

    Young Life on the Pamlico has been impacting the lives of teenagers in Beaufort County for almost two decades! Young Life is a global outreach ministry in which caring adults show up in the lives of teenagers, build relationships with them, all with the hopes of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with kids. Young Life leaders go where kids are and don't wait for them to come to us. You can find these leaders in the stands at football games, at a lunchroom table at the school, walking the waterfront with kids talking about real life.

    One of the best things we do in Young Life is take kids to camp in the summer. We call it camp, but it is more like a resort for kids. This year over 70 teens and leaders will load buses to spend a week at camp. Kids get a chance to spend a week with their YL leader and friends on an adventure unlike anything they've ever done. The goal? They would walk away knowing they are loved immensely and have a clearer picture of who Jesus is and the relationship they have the ability to have with him.

    Like everything valuable, camp is expensive. And a majority of kids on our trip can barely afford the lunch stop on the way to camp. All year we have done fundraiser after fundraiser and have raised over $15,000 toward camp. We are still $10,000 short to get all 70 kids and leaders to camp.

    If folks feel led to help impact the lives of kids this summer with a trip to Young Life camp, they can write a check made out to Young Life with "summer camp donation" in the memo line and mail it to:

    Young Life on the Pamlico

       PO BOX 1682
       Washington, NC 27889

    You can also call Greg at 336-995-5151

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Time to kick out the elitist martini sippers from power.
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  • Our City is Suffering from a Brain Drain

Your city government neglects any area that is outside of the historic district or outside the personal bubbles in which city bureaucrats and elected officials operate.

It is high-time that city government operates on behalf of every citizen in the system and not just those with power and influence.

Electing me to the City Council sends a message that city government is for ALL citizens and not just the elite.

We have 22 city officials that make over $75,000 a year in salaries in addition to an average 38% benefits package.

The city greedily chose to give these individuals an additional 5% wage increase in this year's budget instead of using that money to give us a full complement of 12 EMTs which we desperately need.   Instead we will be receiving only 4 more, 8 in total.

When the median income in Washington is $37,200 this is obscene.

Our city is suffering from a brain drain.

Population has decreased from the 2010 census to the 2020 census as our young people go off to college to develop skills that they can't find jobs for here in the city.

It is time to enact tax incentives, decreased regulations and have proactive city officials that seek high-tech, high-paying firms to locate in the city to stem the flow of our young people out from the city. © Copyright 2024 All Rights Reserved
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